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LSC Offers EZ Launch Credit Cards

Thu, Dec 29, 2016

Columbia, Maryland

60% of all credit unions now offer a credit card. A solid credit card program is essential for a credit union to remain competitive. The problem for many is the initial cost of providing a card program to their members.

The newly redesigned EZ Launch is an easy and profitable way for your credit union to further serve your members and improve your bottom line.

Introduced in 2003, LSC's EZ Launch Credit CArd Program is designed to help small credit unions issue credit cards to their members without the risk of carrying the loan on their books. 


LSC Handles All of the Following: 

- Providing marketing materials for the program

- Application approval / decline underwriting

- Disclosures & cardholder agreements

- Account opening & card issuance

- Cardholder inquiries & correspondence

- Collections


What's in it for the Credit Union? 

LSC provides participating credit unions reimbursement equal to 5% of the gross finance charges paid by your credit union members. 

In addition, LSC is offering $50 per approved application marketing reimbursement for a 1 year period on all referrals with a Trans Union Credit Score over 650. (Members below a 650 will still be approved, however, the additional reimbursement is for those with scores of 650+)

There is also no liability for fraud / delinquency / bankruptcies to the credit union, along with no startup costs or monthly fees. Credit Unions can be a in a position to offer this new product ot their members in as little as two weeks. 


Future Opportunity

As part of the EZ Launch program with LSC, your credit union will have the opportunity to purchase your portfolio back from LSC. The intention is for this product to be a stepping stone for your own credit card program when you are ready. 


Our Card Offerings

CU-MONEY Elite Platinum Rewards Credit Card 

- Variable Rates range from 9.90%, 12.90% and 15.90%

- Rewards Issued on all issued accounts going forward powered by ScoreCard® Rewards

- Online account access

CU-MONEY Platinum Progress Credit Card

- 18.90% variable rate

- Credit building card focused on financial responsibility & appropriate wage

- Online account access


For more information or for answers to questions, please contact a LSC sales representative            (800)-942-7124