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Boost Loan Volume by Enrolling in the Premium GM Program

Thu, Jun 20, 2013

Columbia, Maryland

Since it began, Invest in America (IIA) has partnered with GM to help drive auto loans to credit unions. The Credit Union Member Discount from GM offers credit unions the unique opportunity to secure incremental auto financing. During 2011, nearly nine percent of all new GM vehicles sold were financed through credit unions.

To help boost loan volume and to have the GM program be successful at participating credit unions, IIA makes it easy and cost-free to implement. We offer free marketing materials, ongoing IIA staff support and GM Preferred pricing for credit union members, as well as credit union staff.

Other actions taken by GM through the IIA program to drive auto loans to credit unions:

  • GM has a credit union loan link in two places on its microsite to drive members back to their credit union to secure financing.
  • GM provides credit unions with member authorization requests weekly, including member contact information, to enable credit unions to follow up with members at the bottom of the purchase funnel to secure financing.
  • The Credit Union Member Discount from GM is no longer compatible with subvented rates. Rates such as 0%, 1.9%, 2.9%, etc. that have been bought down and offered through captive finance sources may not be used in conjunction with the Credit Union Member Discount from GM. In turn, members will be encouraged to use low-rate credit union financing in conjunction with cash incentives that will result in very competitive monthly payments.


Enhanced Program

The Invest in America Credit Union Member Discount program from GM has been enhanced to drive more loans to your credit union.  We have increased the program benefits in multiple ways:

Premium Program Benefits

Standard Program Benefits



Preferred Pricing Discount

E-statement creative

Custom inserts/take ones

General inserts/take ones

Newsletter articles and email copy

Custom Web banners

General Web banners

Email services from CU Solutions Group

Access to GM Special Offers

Email templates

Website and social media content

Occasional GM email marketing services

Not compatible with GM
subvented rate financing

Loan links on GM microsite

Plus all Standard Program Benefits

General lobby posters

Weekly emails of in-market members


Credit unions can choose from two levels of participation – Premium or Standard – based on how much marketing they can commit to. However, if you are looking to get even more from the enhanced GM Program, we recommend that you enroll at the Premium Level.  By enrolling at the Premium Level, your credit union can maximize loans while gaining access to additional toolssuch as free custom size Web banners and co-branded statement inserts and/or take-ones for promoting this valuable discount and benefit of membership.

Enroll Now at the Premium Level So Your Credit Union Can Receive Enhanced Benefits

New vehicle sales will approach 15 million this year and we want to help to you secure your members’ financing on their auto purchase. 


To enroll in the Credit Union Member Discount from GM and to take advantage of all it has to offer, please visit the Invest in America Partner Center and click on Credit Union Sign-Up Forms. While visiting the Partner Center, you can also get program information by clicking on GM Program Overview.

Don’t forget to remind your members that they can realize big savings with the Credit Union Member Discount from GM and its low, fixed pricing.  And when they combine the discount with your credit union’s low loan rates, they’ll end up with lower monthly payments.

If you have any questions about the enhanced Invest in America Credit Union Member Discount from GM, please email

Enroll today to start taking advantage of this free and successful program from GM.