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The MD|DC Team Attends the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) in Seattle

Mon, Aug 10, 2015

Columbia, Maryland

The advocacy team participated with other leagues under the banner of ‘America’s Credit Unions’ at The National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) annual meeting in Seattle last week. The Northwest League coordinated a national effort of leagues from around the country as well as CUNA to develop a major awareness and branding campaign for state legislators, attendees and trade press. The meeting was attended by approximately 5,200 state legislators and legislative staff, 17 credit union reps from 8 leagues, trade groups and companies from all 50 states who came together for networking, dozens of informational break-out sessions covering multiple topics areas and most importantly to interact at the largest gathering of state legislators in the nation. The conference is an ideal forum for legislators to not only interact with colleagues but to expose themselves to issues, [model] legislation and best practices taking place in states around the country. 

The advocacy team took the opportunity to further our relationships and heighten our profile with many of the 35+ state and district legislators and staff who attended from Maryland and DC. This was done during break-out sessions legislators participated in as well as during “state night” in which organizations hosted individual receptions for their respective state delegations.  The team attended the “Maryland State Night”  which was attended by 100+ including approximatley 20 state legislators. Among other legislators that the team had the opportunity to converse with included Sen. Kathy Klausmeier, who sponsored the “Prize-Linked Savings” bill which passed in the last legislative session benefiting CU’s and Sen. Thomas ‘Mac’ Middleton, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. Middleton encouraged the association to follow-up with him in the coming weeks…a meeting we will certainly be holding. In addition, it was a good opportunity to gather political and campaign intel in an informal setting regarding the Senate and House races currently in motion given the upcoming retirement of Sen. Barbara Mikulski.

Regarding America’s Credit Unions’ branding, there was high exposure and signage at the Airport, baggage claims (message: how credit unions saved consumers over $7.1 billion last year), City Light Polls, Light Rail and throughout the NCSL conference in general including signage stretching the length of multiple escalators at the convention center. The goal for our legislators, attendees and the general population was to spread the value that credit unions provide to consumers. At the conference exhibition hall, hundreds of organizations and companies had booths…including “America’s Credit Unions."  The MD|DC team and other leagues helped staff the credit union space, interacting with more than a thousand attendees and handing out thousands of credit union branded giveaways.

For additional information: Glen Cooney, VP, Advocacy & legislative Affairs, 443-325-0775,