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Gov. Hogan’s announcement on Regulatory Reform and Update on Senate and House Races

Mon, Jul 13, 2015

Columbia, Maryland

Last Thursday, July 9, Governor Hogan announced the establishment of a ‘Regulatory Reform Commission’ with the purpose of ‘Streamlining Government to Stimulate Businesses and Create Jobs.’  The Advocacy team intends to gather more information on the Commission and membership and to determine how it might benefit credit union members moving forward. In the meantime, what has publically been released is the following:

The commission, will consist of two co-chairmen and currently 10 members, and will conduct a comprehensive review of the state’s regulatory climate in an effort to identify problems that could potentially impact the business environment. Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford will serve as an ex officio member of the commission. Additional members could potentially be added to the commission. The Commission will look to see “what regulations have outlived their usefulness, have failed to accomplish their objectives, or are so poorly written, implemented, or interpreted that they cause much more harm than good.”  Public meetings are planned in various regions of the state with various sectors reviewed and analyzed including transportation, environment and land use, health care, business occupations and licensing, banking and financial services, capital formation insurance, labor and employment, agriculture, and tourism.

In addition to Lt. Governor Rutherford, ten members have been appointed:

James A. Soltesz (co-chair) is the chief executive officer of Soltesz, a multi-disciplinary engineering firm.

Abba David Poliakoff (co-chair) is a member of the law firm, Gordon Feinblatt, LLC.

Susan J. “Suzy” Ganz is the CEO of Lion Brothers Company, Inc., the leading designer and manufacturer of apparel identity.

Jay Steinmetz is the CEO of Barcoding Inc., the nationally recognized leader in data-capture solutions.

Henry Gilford III is chief executive of Gilford Corporation, a Civil Engineering and General Contracting firm.

William B. Grant, Esq., CFP has been the chairman and chief executive officer of First United Bank & Trust.

Jennifer Rhodes is a lifelong farming resident of Queen Anne’s Co. and is the Extension Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources, U of Maryland Extension, in Queen Anne’s Co.

Joseph G. Baldwin is president/CEO of Reliable Contracting, representing the company’s third generation of family leadership.

Howard “Blackie” Bowen president of Ewing Oil Company Inc. Bowen served as a director of Hagerstown at Centra Bank, Inc. He serves as a member of the Farmers Mechanics Bank Board.

James T. Brady is managing director of Mid-Atlantic of Ballantrae International Ltd., a management consulting firm. He also served as a director of Constellation Energy Group Inc. at Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. He has been a director of McCormick & Co. Inc., NexCen Brands, Inc.

The executive order will remain in effect for a 3-year period. Based on their findings, an annual report will be submitted to the Gov. no later than Dec. 1 of each year. For more info, please visit

Race for the Senate: In the race to succeed retiring Sen. Barbara Mikulski, the two candidates have now both released there second quarter financial reports. Rep. Chris Van Hollen, raised $1.5 million with $3.5 million on hand. Several days earlier Rep. Donna Edwards announced that she had raised approx. $590,000.  While the race is still early, the quarterly totals are often used by the news media and party activists as a short-hand barometer of each candidates level of support.  But nothing is certain, particularly since the primary is not until next April.   

House Races: In the race to succeed Van Hollen in the 8th Congressional district, state Sen. Jamie Raskin raised $553,000 and had $480,000 cash on hand in Q2 according to the report he released. Other announced candidates are expected to release figures this week.

In the race to succeed Donna Edwards in the 4th Congressional district, former Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, released a poll last week, showing him with a 22 point lead in the PG County-based district. Brown, who ran an unsuccessful campaign for governor last year, has support from 42 percent of respondents in the poll, compared with 20 percent for former PG County State's Attorney Glenn F. Ivey.  However, it’s also worth noting, that campaigns only release a sliver of their internal polling and so the ‘results’ are an incomplete picture. With nearly a third of voters undecided in multiple polls, it's also a fluid picture.

For additional information: Glen Cooney, VP, Advocacy & Legislative Affairs, 443-325-0775,