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Boost Lending Operations with CU Direct’s Lending Optimization Review

Thu, May 28, 2015

Columbia, Maryland

Over 80% of loan applications are referred to an underwriter for a decision. In a competitive lending market, slow responses can kill a lending program. CU Direct’s Advisory Services help you make better, faster lending decisions.

Our Lending Optimization Review is tailored to your credit union’s needs and objectives and assesses a single process, a lending program, or the entire lending organization. With access to exclusive benchmarking data, CU Direct will help analyze the performance of your credit union against peers and uncover opportunities to enhance growth. The Lending Optimization Review includes:

  • Statement of Objectives
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Competitive & Market Analysis
  • Technology Optimization Review
  • Key Metrics Benchmarking (including internal and external data)
  • Operational Efficiency Review
  • Key Recommendations

CU Direct products like Lending 360 (loan origination system) and Lending Insights (portfolio analytics) support your credit union to help elevate lending activities and performance. Paired with a Lending Optimization Review, your credit union will have the tools and data it needs to identify new loan opportunities, create efficiencies and increase productivity.  LEARN MORE HERE.