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Webinars focus on Credit Union Basics

Thu, May 28, 2015

Columbia, Maryland

Credit Union Basics for New Employees Part I: Financial System, Deposit Operations, Lending, a 90-minute webinar on Wednesday, May 27, will provide valuable information regarding the key ins and outs of your credit union. Attending this webinar will make you a better-rounded employee, because you will better understand the industry and gain increased working knowledge of the entire credit union – not just your area.  Join us to learn more about a credit union’s internal workings and see how all departments are interrelated.   

Highlights of the 3 to 4:30 p.m. presentation are:

  • Short primer on how financial institutions came to be, how the financial sector works, and how credit unions fit into the big picture
  • Supervision and regulation:  Why do we have examiners?  What kind of exams do credit unions go through?
  • What is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and how does it affect credit unions?
  • What are the differences between credit unions and banks?
  • Key responsibilities of deposit operations – front- and back-of-house.
  • The lending process

Credit Union Basics for New Employees Part II: Regulatory Issues, Exams, and Audits is scheduled for Wednesday, June 24.