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DC Chapter Meeting- January 10, 2013

January 10th, 2013 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM

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January 10, 2013

  DC Chapter Meeting!


Meeting Agenda:

10:45 - 11:00 am:  Registration

11:00 - 12:00 pm:  Get Involved!  Introduction to Financial Reality Fairs

12:00 - 12:30 pm:  Buffet Lunch

12:30 - 1:30 pm:  Business meeting and featured program


Reality Fairs:

The Financial Reality Fair is a  hands on experience where students, after identifying their career choice and starting salaries, are provided a budget sheet requiring them to live within their monthly salary while paying for basics such as housing, utilities, transportation, clothing and food.  Of course, there are many temptations for additional spending and students must learn to balance their wants and needs to live on their own.  After they have visited all the booths, students will balance their budget, and then sit down with a financial counselor to review their standing.  The Fair is a unique opportunity for each student to experience some of the financial challenges they will face when they start life on their own.

An important component to a responsible financial lifestyle is saving.  In the Financial Reality Fair experience, students are encouraged to save a minimum of 10% of their income, placing 3% in a long term retirement investment, and 8% in a shorter term investment.  The Financial Counselors explore the importance of planning for future needs and preparing for future financial challenges through savings. The Fair will tempt students to spend their income on “fun”, the Financial Counselors will bring the focus back to saving and thrift practices.



Digital Data Discovery Inc. (3D Forensics) is a group of digital investigators with law enforcement and technical experience. They practice the art and science of computer forensics and network security. Digital Data Discovery Inc.  clients are primarily lawyers engaged in litigation involving evidence on computers and corporate entities with internal issues involving computer based data. Above all we are investigators with expertise in following leads, handling evidence and testifying in court. Our comprehensive and targeted forensic examinations include:

Forensically correct mirror imaging of computers, tablets, smartphones and servers.

Analysis and interpretation of user activity on local and networked computers (digital trail).

Recovery of relevant corporate and private e-mails and documents including user deleted data.

Preservation and retention of departing employees’ digital data in case of future litigation.

Support of  accounting staff in recovering and documenting computer based financial irregularities.

Network security evaluations, compliance audits and vulnerability studies.



John B. McElhatton 

John B. McElhatton spent 27 years as a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  In the early 1990’s he became a founding member of the FBI Computer Analysis and Response Team (CART), where he worked closely with federal prosecutors and agents in locating, retrieving and analyzing evidence of federal crime on computers and networks.  Cases varied from major espionage investigations to health-care fraud and child pornography matters.

Upon retirement from the FBI in 1997, Mr. McElhatton started a private investigation business with a specialty in computer forensics.  In that capacity he has worked with a number of law firms and corporations.  He has been deposed and has testified as an expert witness on numerous occasions.

John is highly trained in computer forensics, network architecture, operating systems and applications.  As a part of the CART team he co-authored "Searching and Seizing Computers; a Guide for U.S. Attorneys and Federal Investigators."

John is a graduate of Villanova University in Pennsylvania.  He is a member of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists, the High-Tech Crime Association and the Society of Former Agents of the FBI.

Pedro L. Quiñones Traverzo, PhD

Dr. Quiñones is a digital forensic subject matter expert who has testified as an expert witness in
various federal courts and has advised attorneys on digital forensic matters during depositions and court proceedings. Dr. Quiñones is experienced in the forensic acquisition and analysis of digital devices and has performed extensive forensic recovery services for various Fortune 500
companies. He has performed over one thousand digital forensic acquisitions and has analyzed
hundreds of digital forensic images from start to finish using various digital forensic software
packages. Dr. Quiñones has also helped customers develop information system policies and procedures geared specifically towards data security and the prevention of data loss.
Dr. Quiñones has more than 35 years of experience in telecommunications, computer networking
and security, database development, and systems integration. He is a network security expert who has performed analyses, penetration testing, and other network security functions for large corporations and government agencies

Howard W. Luker

Mr. Luker manages and directs all operations of Eagles 1 (E1).   Mr. Luker specializes in: Continuity of Operations, Due Diligence Issues, Investigations, Planning, and Development; Emergency Preparedness, Crisis Management & Response, Executive Protection, Surveillance / Counter Surveillance and Threat / Security Vulnerability Assessments and effective personnel training criteria.

Mr. Luker served has more than thirty years of experience with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, during which he was responsible for conducting and Federal directing domestic and international investigations, including but not limited to violent crimes and terrorists activities.  Additionally, Mr. Luker supervised, conducted, interagency efforts relating to security, criminal activities, and operational security.  Mr. Luker developed / updated operational procedures for crisis management, continuity of operations; planning, and development; financial institution robbery investigations; physical security design; counter intelligence operations, including training, implementation, and management; emergency preparedness and response.



Channel Inn/Pier 7 Restaurant
650 Water Street, SW
Washington, DC 20034

Event Info


January 10th, 2013 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM


Channel Inn/Pier 7 Restaurant
650 Water Street, SW
Washington, DC 20034


Phone: 410-290-6858, ext. 118

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