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PriceWise by Informa Research Services

PriceWise by Informa Research Services

PriceWise™ is a breakthrough innovation for credit unions designed to accelerate growth and competitiveness in local markets.

PriceWise is a powerful “point and click” pricing application that will enable credit unions to view comparative pricing against selected competitors to make more informed and  efficient pricing decisions in a group setting. As an ALCO tool, it will help credit unions with loan and deposit pricing and modeling, incorporating risk based models and instantly calculating ROA per product.

PriceWise will allow Asset and Liability Committees, CFOs, marketing staff, lending professionals and other key credit union personnel to adjust to market conditions quickly, price offerings more competitively and vastly improve operating efficiency and earnings for the credit union.

PriceWise™ was engineered in collaboration with experts at MD|DC credit unions to meet the practical needs of small work groups that manage loans, deposit products and services for members.  The interface guides a user through an intelligent, step-by-step menu to design products with competitive features and prices. To serve more members, MD|DC credit unions required risk-based pricing tools to simulate the impact of changes in origination and servicing costs, loss provision, prepayment and liability funding.  Users can test A|B scenarios against ROA hurdle rates, investment yield curves and competitive market position during an ALCO or informal team meeting in real time.  PriceWise™ was designed as a structured workflow based on specifications from top credit union executives.

For more information on PriceWise, please contact: Leigh Philibosian, VP of Engagement |