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NCUA Examiner's Guide

This Examiner's Guide sets out guidance for an examiner on NCUA's examination and supervision of credit unions.

Letters to Credit Unions


14-CU-05 ​​Liquidity Requirements Take Effect March 31

14-CU-04 ​Derivatives Applications Open March 3

14-CU-03 ​Civil Money Penalties to be Assessed for Late Call Report and Profile Submissions in 2014

14-CU-02 ​Supervisory Focus for 2014

​14-CU-01 ​Supervisory Guidance on Qualified and non-Qualified Mortgages


13-CU-15 Private Student Loans

Private Student Loan AIRES Questionnaire

13-CU-14 ​Projected 2014 Stabilization Fund Assessment and Share Insurance Fund Premium Range

13-CU-13 Changes to NCUA Regulations Related to Credit Union Service Organizations

​1) Appendix A: CUSO Reporting Requirements

2) 12 CFR Parts 712 and 741, Final Rule

13-CU-12 Supervisory Guidance on Enterprise Risk Management

13-CU-11 ​Electronic Filing of Call Reports and Extended Filing Dates for 2014

13-CU-10 Guidance on How to Comply with NCUA Regulation §741.12 Liquidity and Contingency Funding Plans

13-CU-09 Examination Report Modernization

13-CU-08 Reporting Elder Abuse or Financial Exploitation

​13-CU-07 Loan Participation Waivers

13-CU-06 ​2013 Corporate Stabilization Fund Assessment

13-CU-05 ​Guidance: Investing in Securities without Reliance on Credit Ratings

13-CU-04 Streamlined Process for Evaluating Low-Income Designation

​13-CU-03 ​Supervisory Guidance on Troubled Debt Restructuring

​13-CU-02 ​Member Business Loan Waivers

​13-CU-01 Supervisory Focus for 2013


Letters to Federal Credit Unions


​14-FCU-02 Permissible Interest Rate Ceiling Extended

14-FCU-01 Operating Fee Scale Reduced for 2014


13-FCU-03 Potential Violations of Common Bond Advertising Requirements

13-FCU-02 ​2013 Fair Lending Examination Program and Compliance Assistance

​13-FCU-01 ​Operating Fee Schedule for 2013


Regulatory Alerts

13-RA-09​ ​New Homeownership Counseling and Consumer Protection Requirements from CFPB

13-RA-08 Appraisals for Higher-Priced Mortgage Loans 

13-RA-07 CFPB's New Rule on Real Estate Appraisals and Other Written Valuations under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act

13-RA-06 CFPB's Amended Remittance Transfer Rule (Compliance Deadline: October 28, 2013)

13-RA-05 ​New Escrow Requirements under the Truth in Lending Act

​13-RA-04 ​Garnishment of Accounts Containing Federal Benefit Payments

13-RA-03​ ​Guidance on Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012

13-RA-02 Submission of 2012 Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) Data

13-RA-01​ Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) Data Collection Requirements for Calendar Year 2013


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