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SkyPoint FCU Appoints Business & Community Development Director

SkyPoint Federal Credit Union, a community-based financial institution, who makes banking simple and accessible, names Cassandre Cassamajor as SkyPoint’s Business & Community Development Director. 

Cassamajor will lead the designated CDFI, in the further development of strategic community partnerships, membership growth, and advance opportunities for greater financial inclusion and prosperity among local underserved communities.

In this newly appointed role, Cassamajor will leverage and drive greater awareness for SkyPoint’s CDFI designation to build on productive relationships with key community influencers and private/public partners involved in meeting community development, as well as with those that serve the needs of the underserved communities. Additionally, Cassamajor will develop and implement programs that promote financial wellness and access to credit and savings to underserved communities. To create new opportunities and support membership growth and retention, Cassamajor will work with community partners and other resource providers to ensure SkyPoint’s product and service relevance with target markets to drive revenue growth and profitability by expanding SkyPoint’s reach.

“For over 50 years, SkyPoint has served as a strategic and reliable partner to both public and private organizations that directly support underserved and unbanked communities, who want to work together to elevate the community and one another,” SkyPoint CEO Carla Decker stated. “Since joining our Community Development team, three years ago, Cassandre has played a critical role in helping to remove barriers and empower our members, partners, and the communities we serve with a pathway to financial inclusion and opportunities to prosper. We look forward to the additional advancements we can achieve with her in this role.”

“I could not be prouder of the partnerships the Community Development team and I have made over the past few years and the foundation we have built,” Cassamajor shared. “As a CDFI, we are truly in a unique position to meet and support members, partners, and our diverse communities wherever they are in their financial journeys. I look forward to representing SkyPoint in deepening and expanding strategic partnerships, continuing to be a resource, and in creating new opportunities for our members and our underserved communities.”   

Prior to joining SkyPoint’s Community Development team, Cassamajor served as a personal banker and service manager, with over 10 years of experience in tailoring products and services to meet clients’ financial needs with a focus on financial literacy.

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