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Nymeo FCU to be Highlighted in Viewpoint Documentary Series by Dennis Quaid

Nymeo Federal Credit Union, headquartered in Frederick, MD, will be featured on an upcoming episode of the renowned documentary series “Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid.”

The award-winning series, hosted by the well-known actor Dennis Quaid, produces educational documentaries on a range of topics including business, technology, and culture.

Viewpoint’s crew traveled to Frederick to film Nymeo employees and members at their Buckeystown Branch location. They interviewed Nymeo President and CEO Vicki Johnston on how credit unions are different than a bank, and how Nymeo has impacted the lives of its members through its products and services.

In her interview, Johnston said, “Everything that we do has the member in mind. We’re here to help people through their everyday lives.” She added, “Nymeo wants to get to know you, your family, and your circumstances so that we can help you with the right products and services.”

Nymeo’s commitment to helping members throughout their lives was highlighted in the segment, which featured interviews with two members, Bobby Davis of Twist & Turn Laundromat Services and Terri Almacy of Almacy & Company, CPAs.

Davis shared a personal story with Viewpoint about how Nymeo assisted him.

“Back in 2019, my wife passed away. I had to go through a process having to learn her role that she did in our business along with maintaining my current role.” Davis said. “The (Nymeo) representatives I’ve known for many years were able to jump in right away and hit the ground running with me and teach me the things that I needed to know to keep the business afloat and stay in operation. Because of that, many families profited from us staying in business. I thank Nymeo for that.”

Almacy reiterated the personal relationship she has had with Nymeo and how it has benefited her business on an ongoing basis. “I am able to email or speak with my branch manager – and she knows who I am and handles things for me. Larger institutional banks don’t offer that kind of service for smaller business owners, so I found that to be one of the best features dealing with Nymeo.”
In addition, the segment also featured the positive impact Nymeo has had in the community.

Ken Oldham, President, and CEO of the United Way of Frederick County, told Viewpoint, “Nymeo is one of the founding organizations that came in a leadership capacity to help build a home ownership program and a transportation program for those who simply could not afford that basic cost of living.” He added, “They simply are committed to working families.”

The goal of “Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid” is to educate the audience via short-form documentaries. The Nymeo documentary will be distributed on June 24, 2024, to over 170+ participating Public Television stations throughout the U.S. Viewers can also catch the Nymeo commercial throughout 2024 on major networks and at Warehouse Cinemas in Frederick.

To view Nymeo’s Viewpoint segment online, visit their website at or click this link:

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