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Keynotes Address Navigating Challenges Through Innovation and Data-driven stragies

Day one of CONNECT 2024 features two keynote speakers who will discuss navigating challenges through innovation and data-driven strategies.

Opening Session: Cassi Chandler
Cassi Chandler, an innovator and trailblazer in her career, has broken barriers and successfully built diverse and inclusive teams at high-profile organizations such as Bank of America and the FBI. She is also the founder, president, and CEO of Vigeo Alliance. Chandler will discuss how emerging technology and global changes pose new challenges for organizations and employees.

Afternoon Keynote: Curt Long
In the afternoon, attendees will hear from Curt Long, Head of Emerging Issues and Deputy Chief Economist for America’s Credit Unions. Long will delve into a critical question: Are credit unions still the best option among financial service providers? Drawing upon proprietary data from America’s Credit Unions, he will showcase the unique advantages of credit unions and demonstrate how this data is leveraged to advocate for their continued success.

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