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TruStage RISK Alert: Awareness — Preparing for “Take your child to work day”

This year’s “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” is on Thursday, April 25th. If your credit union is considering participating, it’s important to develop clear plans to ensure the safety of your staff, young visitors, and the overall work environment.

Credit unions considering participation should be mindful of potential challenges.  These can include ensuring safety, avoiding any discrimination, and accommodating dietary needs or other special considerations.

Planning is key.  Developing a clear plan can address these challenges and ensure a smooth experience. Some aspects to consider include:

Age restrictions: Limiting the age range of participating children can help minimize disruptions.

Branch size: Smaller branches might need alternative approaches, such as virtual participation for children of remote employees.

Activities: These can be tailored to the number of participants and could include tours, workshops, or job shadowing.

Communication is crucial.  Clearly communicate participation plans and expectations to staff. Additionally, encouraging parents to prepare their children can further enhance the experience.

Finally, if your credit union chooses not to participate, notify staff in advance to avoid any confusion.

For more information and detailed risk mitigation tips, read the full alert at:

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