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Daily Record: Association Partner Zest AI Promotes Financial Inclusion

The Daily Record recently spoke with MD|DC Credit Union Association CEO John Bratsakis and Del-One FCU about how credit unions are using Zest AI’s underwriting tool to manage risk while expanding access to affordable credit.

Zest AI is a strategic partner of the Association and offers an artificial intelligence tool designed to transform credit lending decisions, potentially mitigating financial inequalities. By tailoring its algorithms to the unique lending criteria of credit unions, Zest AI automates loan approval processes while minimizing risks and eliminating biases.

Bratsakis told the Daily Record that the Association’s strategic partnership with Zest AI aligns with credit unions’ core mission of promoting financial inclusion. Its technology helps credit unions make more informed lending decisions that allows them to lend both deeper and broader.

Del-One FCU implemented Zest AI last fall. Chief Banking Officer John Chartrand told the Daily Record that the credit union has experienced a significant improvement in efficiency and decision-making. He is quick to point out that Del-One’s commitment to inclusivity also plays a key role.

Find out how the technology has led to increases in loan approvals, while maintaining or even reducing risk levels by reading the complete article here.

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