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Association Hosts Inaugural THRIVE Summit for Credit Union Financial Counselors

The MD|DC Credit Union Association hosted its first-ever THRIVE Summit for Credit Union Financial Counselors, designed to enhance the capacity of financial counselors to support members in achieving greater financial well-being. Held last week, the summit gathered industry experts, thought leaders, and practitioners for a day of learning, networking, and collaboration.

Financial Counselors Summit

The THRIVE Summit was coordinated by Chrystal Hunter, the Association’s Training and Events Manager, in collaboration with The Financial Counselor Roundtable’s Steering Committee Members Audra Pettus from Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union and Aziza Gary-Smith from MECU Credit Union.

Over 40 attendees heard from renowned speakers from various sectors of the financial industry:

  • Mike Schenk, Chief Economist, America’s Credit Unions: Schenk provided valuable insights into macroeconomic trends and their implications for credit unions, equipping counselors with a broader understanding of the economic landscape.
  • Deborah Owens, Founder of WealthyU: Owens offered a refreshing perspective on financial counseling, emphasizing community, collaboration, and collective success as integral components of effective financial empowerment.
  • Megan Bautista, Program Manager, Maryland Cash Campaign: Bautista shared strategies for integrating tax-related content into counseling sessions, highlighting the importance of a holistic approach to financial guidance.
  • Dwayne Hall, Financial Educator, Society for Financial Education and Professional Development: Hall explored the role of financial literacy in community empowerment and discussed initiatives for professional development in the field.
  • Amy Marty Conrad, Managing Director, National Endowment for Financial Education: Conrad delved into the interplay between personal and systemic factors shaping individual financial wellness, offering valuable insights for counselors navigating complex financial landscapes.
  • Julie Weaver, Executive Director, Maryland Council on Economic Education: Weaver outlined efforts to enhance financial education in K-12 schools, underscoring the importance of early intervention in promoting financial literacy.
  • Michelle Starkey, Senior Director of Certification, Association for Financial Counseling Planning and Education: Starkey identified key skills and knowledge essential for effective financial counseling, empowering attendees to make a positive impact in their practice.

The THRIVE Summit demonstrates the MD|DC Credit Union Association’s commitment to fostering professional development and collaboration within the credit union community.

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