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Office of Financial Regulation Names Director of Outreach & Education

The Maryland Office of Financial Regulation has named Toni White-McCoy as Director of Outreach and Education. In that role, White-McCoy spearheads the development and execution of innovative educational and training initiatives, amplifies consumer outreach activities, and enhances stakeholder engagement.

With a wealth of dynamic experience, Toni excels in engagement, collaboration, training and education, public speaking, and money management.

McCoy-White’s background includes over 15 years in the mortgage and financial services industry, where she played a pivotal role in fostering economic empowerment within low to moderate-income communities. During her tenure as a mortgage loan originator and underwriter, she facilitated home purchases for the disenfranchised using community development grants, contributing to the creation of generational wealth.

In her capacity as the Program Manager for the Wells Fargo at Work program in Washington, D.C., Toni provided financial education and tools to formerly incarcerated individuals through the D.C. government’s re-entry program, Project Empowerment. She actively educated the public on various aspects of personal finance, including understanding credit, budgeting, and savings, and collaborated with 42 Wells Fargo bank branches, individual depositors, and commercial businesses to advance community education and financial empowerment. Before joining the Office, Toni served for 10 years as the Chief Operating Officer and Program Manager for a Cybersecurity and IT company in Columbia, MD.

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