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NCUA Webinar: Liquidity Risk Management

The NCUA is offering a free webinar on Liquidity Risk Management for credit unions.

Here’s what you need to know:

• Date: April 4, 2024
• Time: 2:00 pm (Duration: 60 minutes)
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Focus of the Webinar:

This webinar follows the NCUA’s recent advisory on the importance of strong liquidity management practices in light of growing levels of liquidity stress. It will cover key principles for building a robust framework, including:

Managing and forecasting cash flows under normal operating and stressed conditions.

Controlling asset composition such as lending quality and volume, including pricing, limits for lending personnel and loan types, and originating loans eligible for future sale.

Structuring liabilities to be congruent with asset growth.

Developing governance and monitoring structures suitable for the credit union’s size, complexity, and financial condition.

Maintaining diversified liquidity sources that can be accessed in various situations. This funding diversity includes having access to at least one contingent federal liquidity source, like the Federal Reserve’s Discount Window or the Central Liquidity Facility.

Submit questions in advance by emailing with the subject line, “Liquidity Risk Management.”

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