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Labor Credit Union Eliminates Unpaid and NSF Fees

Labor Credit Union announces a significant change in its fee structure that emphasizes its commitment to member welfare and financial health. Effective immediately, Labor Credit Union will no longer charge its members for unpaid and returned Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fees.

This landmark decision was made with the understanding that financial setbacks can affect anyone, and unexpected fees should not compound financial difficulties. By eliminating these  charges, Labor Credit Union takes a significant step towards more compassionate banking, aligning closely with its core values of inclusivity, and convenience.  

“Today marks an important milestone in our journey to create a banking environment that truly  serves the needs of our members,” said Thomas Domingue, CEO of Labor Credit Union.  

“Removing these fees is more than a policy change; it’s a reflection of our deep-rooted belief in  providing financial solutions that are accessible, equitable, and supportive.”  

Labor Credit Union’s decision to stop charging unpaid and returned NSF fees is expected to have  a positive impact on its members, offering relief to those who find themselves in challenging  financial situations. It is a move that reinforces the credit union’s position as a member-centric  institution, dedicated to fostering financial stability and empowerment within the community it  serves.  

“This initiative is part of a broader strategy to enhance member experience and accessibility to  financial services. Labor Credit Union remains committed to innovating and adapting its  practices to meet the evolving needs of its members, with a focus on transparency, fairness, and  inclusivity.” stated Amber Mooney, Vice President of Member Experience.  

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