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A Crasher’s Story: An Enriching and Transformative Journey

Moria Adams, a Branch Manager at Andrews Federal Credit Union, characterized her time as a GAC Crasher representing the District of Columbia as, “An enriching and transformative journey.” One that provided unparalleled insights into the credit union difference and the advocacy efforts driving it forward. Here’s how Adams responded to our questions about the Crasher experience…

Governmental Affairs Conference - young professional

What surprised you about the experience?

What’s most surprising about the GAC experience is the deep and genuine connections formed among diverse young professionals, transcending various backgrounds and perspectives. The richness of these interactions amplifies the impact, especially in understanding how different credit unions tailor their services to best serve their respective communities. For example, I learned how the adaptation of ITIN lending at some CUs underscores a commitment to inclusivity, ensuring equitable access to essential financial services for those without an SSN.

How has the crasher experience impacted you professionally and personally?

The Crasher experience has had a reflective impact on both my professional and personal growth. Interacting with influential figures like Mia Perez, CAO of Coastal Credit Union, provided invaluable insights into navigating the corporate landscape and achieving personal goals. Mia’s willingness to engage with us despite her demanding schedule exemplifies the importance of mentorship and giving back. Personally, connecting with someone who shares similar backgrounds reinforces the belief that success is attainable through perseverance and seizing opportunities. Mia’s emphasis on the symbiotic nature of personal and professional endeavors resonates deeply, highlighting the importance of reciprocity in all aspects of life.

What were your key takeaways? 

My key takeaways from the GAC experience revolve around the profound realization of the extensive advocacy efforts necessary to uphold the quality of products and services offered to credit union members. Prior to GAC, I lacked awareness of the depth of legislative involvement required to safeguard member interests. It became evident that lawmakers need a deeper understanding of the credit union difference, where profits are reinvested back into the membership through improved loan and savings rates. Visiting Capitol Hill and engaging directly with policymakers provided a firsthand understanding of the significance of advocacy in shaping policies that impact credit unions and their members, an experience that left an indelible mark on me.

Would you encourage other young professional to apply for the program?

I wholeheartedly recommend the GAC experience to other young professionals. Crashing the GAC proved to be an enriching and transformative journey, offering unparalleled insights into the credit union difference and the advocacy efforts driving it forward. While the schedule is demanding, with early starts and late nights, every moment is invaluable and not to be missed. Balancing League and CEO visits with the Crasher schedule requires thoughtful planning, but the diversity of sessions ensures a comprehensive understanding of the industry landscape. Personally, I cherished every experience and session, wishing for more time to absorb the wealth of knowledge shared. The bonds formed with fellow Crashers endure beyond the event, fostering a supportive network of peers with whom I communicate daily. The GAC experience is truly one that I wish every young professional could partake in.

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