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Cybersecurity Threats and Resources for Credit Unions

In an increasingly digital world, cybersecurity incidents remain a constant concern, and credit unions have a responsibility to safeguard their members’ sensitive information. To fulfill this obligation, credit unions must implement rigorous security measures and establish clear procedures for responding to potential threats.

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To help credit unions address cybersecurity challenges, League InfoSight is providing access to a comprehensive suite of resources that includes:

  • Specific notification requirements for the NCUA, the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia
  • Business continuity templates to ensure your credit union can respond and recover from potential threats.
  • Communication template to inform members and stakeholders.
  • Task checklists to guide your credit union through the incident response process.
  • Threat assessment to help stay ahead of potential threats.

You can leverage these resources by logging into League InfoSight and clicking on “access resources” under credit union tools. League InfoSight is provided free to credit unions affiliated with the MD|DC Credit Union Association.

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