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The FedChoice Charitable Foundation Launches its First School Hygeine Drive

Many children living in underserved areas can’t afford common personal hygiene products. This makes them an easy target for bullying and can lead to depression and anxiety. To help young people cope with these challenges, the FedChoice Charitable Foundation (FCF) together with FedChoice Federal Credit Union partnered with Cora L. Rice Elementary School (CLRES) and G. James Gholson Middle School (GJGMS) and launched FCF’s School Hygiene Drive.

Ms. Michelle Hibbert, Community Liaison at CLRES, and Ms. Liticia Hubbard, Community Liaison at GJGMS, shared how these two schools are coping with these growing challenges and shared how we can better help students.

“With so many barriers that our students face, a simple hygiene package can definitely boost
self-esteem and decrease chances of a student being bullied,” said Ms. Hibbert.

“Our schools have partnered with Project Hygiene to help provide personal hygiene products to
our students, but even this is not enough,” shared Ms. Hubbard. “We have assigned closets
located at our schools which provide students with direct access and allow them to receive the
basic essentials that many may not have access to. The need is very strong, and the kids are
really grateful for our support. But we definitely need more supplies, like deodorants, soap, and
hygiene wipes.”

The Foundation’s Board and FedChoice FCU’s Human Resources team unanimously agreed that
we should take action to help students in our community in this tangible way. As a result,
FedChoice staff and FCF’s supporters donated a total of $1,400, as well as numerous personal
hygiene products to fill the school closets!

Sandra Park, FCF Vice Chair, commented, “Although what we delivered today was physical money, shampoos, toothpaste, and toothbrushes, they represent something much more than that! They represent care, support, kindness, and hope. Educators do tremendous work, often going above and beyond their duty. I sincerely thank them for everything they do to give the students a better life experience and future and for allowing us to partake in this program.”

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