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Remembering Bertie Bowman

With profound sadness and heavy hearts, the United Stated Senate FCU community shares the solemn news of the passing of their beloved Herbert “Bertie” Bowman.

For over six decades, Bertie Bowman bore witness to history’s relentless march. From the poignant loss of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the turbulent times of World War II to the transformative moments of Brown vs. Board of Education, the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam War, and the tumultuous Watergate scandal, Bertie’s life became intertwined with the tapestry of our nation’s journey.

Bertie’s journey wasn’t marked solely by the historical events he observed, but also by the deep and enduring friendships he nurtured throughout his illustrious career on Capitol Hill. Former President Barack Obama, with whom he toiled on the Foreign Relations Committee for three years, was a firsthand witness to Bertie’s unwavering dedication. Moreover, former President Bill Clinton embarked on his political journey as a messenger for the committee during his formative years at Georgetown University, guided by Bertie’s wisdom. Prominent leaders such as Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, as well as Vice President Joe Biden, all had the privilege of experiencing Bertie’s exceptional partnership and unwavering commitment on Capitol Hill.

Mr. Bowman’s tenure of service to the Credit Union began in 1966 when he became a volunteer member of the Credit Committee. In 1975, he ascended to the Board of Directors, amassing a remarkable 44 consecutive years on the Board, including two terms as Chairman. For fifty-three years, Bertie’s dedication and support to the Credit Union stood unrivaled, a record of service unmatched within the organization.

He wasn’t just a member of the USSFCU; he embodied its spirit and values. Bertie’s contributions extended far beyond his role as Chairman of the Board; he served as the Past Chairman of the Credit, Personnel, and Supervisory Committees. His commitment was reached further as he co-chaired the Assets/Liability Management Committee and the By-Laws Committee. In 2020, Bertie received industry-wide recognition when he was inducted into the African American Credit Union Coalition’s Hall of Fame, further solidifying his allegiance to the Credit Union’s mission.

As the longest-serving board member and the distinguished holder of emeritus status, Mr. Bowman leaves behind a profound imprint on the United States Senate Federal Credit Union.  In 2019, USSFCU honored Mr. Bowman by dedicating its new headquarters and flagship branch in his honor in a ceremony held in the Foreign Relations Committee hearing room. His legacy will forever resonate in the halls of the Bertie Bowman Building, a living testament to his unwavering dedication and leadership.

“Mr. Bowman was not simply a giant among men; he was a revered icon on Capitol Hill, the very conscience of the Credit Union, and, above all, an unwavering servant to his community. We mourn the loss of an exceptional individual whose absence will be deeply felt throughout our USSFCU family. It was an honor to call Mr. Bowman colleague, mentor, and friend.”

– Timothy L. Anderson
  USSFCU President & CEO

As we remember Bertie, we hold onto his guiding principles: “Work hard. Be true to yourself. Take responsibility. Have a positive outlook. Expect the best from people.”

The legacy of Herbert “Bertie” Bowman will forever be cherished.

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