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MD|DC Credit Union Association & CCUA Collaborate on Volunteer Conference

Credit union volunteers from five states and DC gathered in Ocean City, Md. for the 2023 Volunteer Leadership Conference (VLC) on November 3-5.

Volunteer Leadership Conference speakers
(L to R) John Bredehoft, Kaufman & Canoles; Paul Dionnne, Quantum Governance LC3; Jessica Avery, Cooperative Credit Union Association; Chris Otey, CU 2.0; Jordan Burroughs, MD|DC Credit Union Association; John Kutchey, NCUA; John Bratsakis, MD|DC Credit Union Association

The annual event is co-hosted by the MD|DC Credit Union Association and the Cooperative Credit Union Association, providing board and supervisory committee members with the knowledge and insights they need to guide their credit unions’ strategic direction.

“VLC provides valuable information tailored to the specific needs of board and supervisory committee members, empowering them to make informed decisions, shape effective strategic plans, and strengthen governance,” said John Bratsakis, President/CEO, MD|DC Credit Union Association. “We appreciate the continued support and collaboration from the Cooperative Credit Union Association.”

“The VLC is a testament to the unwavering commitment of volunteers, committee members, and staff within our industry. It provides a unique platform for networking and education, reinforcing our collective dedication to the credit union movement,” said Ron McLean, President/CEO, Cooperative Credit Union Association. “We enjoy collaborating with the MD|DC Credit Union Association to further progress and growth for credit unions.”

VLC attendees heard from industry experts on a variety of topics, including:

  • FHLBank Atlanta representatives shared tips on managing liquidity in a volatile market.
  • PSCU EVP, Chief Talent Officer Lynn Heckler shared talent management trends and credit union strategies to create a more engaged workforce.
  • CUNA Chief Economist Mike Schenk presented economic and consumer trends, as well as the outlook for credit unions.
  • Quantum Governance, L3C Chief Strategy Officer & Lead Consultant Paul Dionne discussed succession planning for credit union boards.
  • Kaufman & Canoles Attorney John Bredehoft shared strategic considerations for using artificial intelligence in credit unions.
  • CU 2.0 Chief Revenue Officer Chris Otey outlined the risks and rewards of developing an artificial intelligence strategy.
  • NCUA Regional Director John Kutchey discussed the current federal regulatory environment and agency priorities for 2024.
  • MD|DC Credit Union Association President/CEO John Bratsakis presented the industry outlook and trends to watch in 2024.
  • MD|DC Credit Union Association Compliance Director André Lucas led a training session on BSA compliance.
  • MD|DC Credit Union Association VP of Member Engagement Jordan Burroughs discussed how volunteers can effectively champion their credit unions and communities with decisionmakers.
  • Young Professionals Panel shared their perspectives and ideas on the future of credit unions and discussed ways to engage younger generations to get involved in credit union governance. Jordan Burroughs was joined by Dr. Shallon Poulson, Director of Compliance, Del-One FCU and Tim Brown, Risk Management Analyst III, First Financial FCU of MD.

In addition to educational sessions, VLC also provided volunteers with opportunities to network with their peers and share best practices.

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