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First Financial Donates to Baltimore & Carroll County Public Schools

In celebration of its 70th anniversary, First Financial FCU has been recognizing seven of its foundational partners throughout the year by making a $10,000 donation to each in support of their organizations. The final two recipients are Baltimore County Public Schools and Carroll County Public Schools.

In 1953, a group of dedicated BCPS teachers formed First Financial, initially known as Teachers  Association of Baltimore County (TABCO) Federal Credit Union. With BCPS being the foundation of the  credit union, First Financial granted $1,000 to 10 Baltimore County public schools through its Putting  Students First Grant program. Grant recipients included select elementary, middle, and high schools  throughout Baltimore County.

The Putting Students First Grant funds will be utilized to plan exciting  learning experiences and to purchase additional resources and supplies to meet the individual needs of  the students and classrooms. This is the first of a five-year commitment to the BCPS grant program  totaling $50,000. 

Additionally, First Financial granted $10,000 to the Student Support Fund of long-term partner, Carroll  County Public Schools. First Financial’s partnership with CCPS began in 1991 when the credit union  merged with Carroll Country Teachers Association Credit Union. The Student Support Fund assists  students and their families who face significant obstacles to learning such as food insecurity, lack of  clothing and school supplies, financial and housing instability, etc. 

“As an education-based credit union, we are dedicated to embracing the critical partnership between  businesses, schools, and students to ensure a quality education and create a stronger, more vital  community,” said Stephanie Peltzer, First Financial CMO & VP of Marketing. “The grants symbolize our  recognition of the meaningful and impactful work educators do in our community to create a learning  environment that supports student growth and success.”  

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