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SkyPoint FCU Partners with FCPS to Launch Financial Literacy Program to Middle Schools

SkyPoint Federal Credit Union (SkyPoint), a premier, member-owned financial institution, and Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS), a high-performing school system of 68 Maryland schools, announce a partnership to teach financial literacy across 13 FCPS middle schools.

“We are so excited to partner with Frederick County Public Schools to launch a formal financial education program into the middle school curriculum. We applaud FCPS for seeing the value in teaching financial best practices at a young age,” said Audra Pettus, Director of Community Relations for SkyPoint. “We are proud that we can support and fulfill a big mission under our SkyPoint Cares initiative for financial well-being in our communities, and hopefully this partnership can lead the charge in getting similar programming implemented at all Maryland schools.”

The platform provides access to exercises, class activities, interactive calculators, and a portfolio of real stocks from global markets to engage students and show practical applications of the lessons.

“SkyPoint is the perfect partner for us. They are highly experienced and active in bringing financial workshops and other programs to the community,” said Norm McGaughey, Coordinator of Career & Technology Education for FCPS. “Their sponsorship allows us to extend the program for another two years and expand it to include up to 1,000 students. We also plan to have SkyPoint participate in upcoming events to share their expertise.”

Via the, goals for “Finance Fridays” include decision-making, money management, problem-solving, collaboration, choices, prioritizing expenses, making trade-offs, learning to track income and expenses, managing money, and avoiding debt. Additionally, lessons in analyzing financial challenges, identifying problems, finding solutions, and working individually or in teams to discuss financial strategies, negotiate, and make joint decisions will be incorporated. The first Finance Lab will be presented on September 15, 2023, at Middletown Middle School and progress to the other 12 middle schools in the district. The “Life Skills in The Family” course will be taught by Melanie Stuart from 9:42 a.m. to 10:29 a.m.

“SkyPoint is the perfect partner for us,” said Norm McGaughey, Coordinator of Career Technical Education for FCPS. “They are highly experienced and active in bringing financial workshops and other programs to the community. Their sponsorship allows our students an opportunity to literally gain a healthy and hands-on understanding of dollars and sense.”

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