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Opportunity for Credit Unions to Join a Credit Union Group that Focuses on Grants for Green Loans

The Association has become aware of an opportunity for credit unions to become a part of a nationwide credit union group that is pursuing large grants for green loans. Applications to receive these grant funds from the EPA are due soon.

To help bolster the application being submitted by Ecority, the non-profit applying for grant funds on behalf of credit unions and CDFIs, credit union leaders are asked to indicate interest in receiving up to $10 million in grant funds for their credit union. Your expression of interest is non-binding and does not create any obligation. However, broad industry interest will demonstrate that credit unions can reach communities across the country. 

There is a very short window to indicate interest in this new opportunity, but responses are needed by September 15. If you are interested in participating in this opportunity please contact Ecority directly.  For more information on how to indicate your interest, please visit Ecority’s website or send an email to

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