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Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Keeps Door Open to Presidential Run

In a national TV interview that aired Sunday, Hogan said he would consider launching a presidential bid as an independent, if former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden emerge as the leading candidates for the 2024 Republican and Democratic nominations. When asked about the prospect of running as a candidate affiliated with No Labels, the party he co-chairs, Hogan clarified that he is not actively pursuing such a path. However, when asked if the option of running is still on the table, he responded, “I’m hopeful we don’t get to that point. I have not closed the door to that. If I believe that we can actually win the race.”

Hogan left office in January after serving two terms as Governor. In March he said he would not enter the presidential race over concerns that there would be too many Republican candidates. However, based on his remarks, Hogan continues to keep his options open.  

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