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Automate Your Reporting in Peer Suite for a Chance to Win

Automate a report or dashboard in Peer Suite by October 31st, and be entered for a chance to win a $100 gift card.

For many leaders, staying on top of quarterly performance to reach strategic goals can be a challenge while managing a multitude of daily priorities.

But what if your KPIs could be updated quarterly with new data, benchmarked against your peers, and sent directly to your email without lifting a finger? It’s why one of the benefits your credit union enjoys with your Association membership is free access to the Express level of Callahan’s Peer Suite.

Peer Suite’s powerful analytics and benchmarking tools are designed to help your credit union make better strategic decisions. The data collected helps benchmark financial performance, prepare for strategic planning and compare performance to industry peers.

How to Enter Peer Suite’s Spooktacular Contest

Simply automate your preferred report or dashboard in Peer Suite by October 31st.

Whether it’s an entire dashboard or a single display, you can receive the insights you need directly in your inbox as soon as new data becomes available. Save time and gain valuable insights with ease.

By doing so, you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win a fantastic $100 Prizeout gift card from Callahan & Associates! Click the link below to get started in Peer Suite and leverage the how-to guide for automating your reports.

Credit unions should use their CU Analyzer credentials to access Peer Suite through the Callahan portal.

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