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MD|DC Credit Union Association’s 2023 Tech Summit Explores Humanizing the Digital Experience

The MD|DC Credit Union Association’s 2023 Tech Summit brought together industry leaders and experts to discuss how to humanize the digital experience through artificial intelligence (AI), ChatGPT and other tools at the forefront of digital innovation.

(left to right) Charles Vice, Director, Financial Technology & Access, NCUA; John Bratsakis, President/CEO, MD|DC Credit Union Association; Patti Wubbels, SVP of Client Development, SRM; Ronny Chapman, SVP of Fintech Solutions, TruStage Ventures; Kelly Fryer, Executive Director, FinTech Sandbox; Kyle Hauptman, Vice Chair, NCUA; John Ainsworth, President/CEO, Bonifii (Photo courtesy: Jason Putsche Photography)

The two-day event, held August 15 – 16 at MGM National Harbor in Maryland, featured insightful discussions on the transformative impact of technology on enhancing member experiences, the ethical considerations around AI deployment, and strategies for successful implementation of digital solutions. 

“This year’s Tech Summit was designed to equip credit unions with knowledge, connections and fresh perspectives they need to leverage technology to create a seamless and human-centric digital experience,” said MD|DC Credit Union Association President/CEO John Bratsakis. “Our incredible lineup of highly respected industry leaders and innovators provided key insights into adopting a digital first mindset to minimize friction, empower members, and unlock opportunities for growth.”

Mark Sievewright, Founder and CEO, Sievewright & Associates (an SRM company), delivered a thought-provoking keynote address that highlighted the evolving credit union landscape. He noted that driving digital transformation through fintech partnerships is becoming integral to the credit union business model. He also said that the nature of consumer behavior is changing, with members increasingly looking for ease, convenience, simplicity, and personalization. Sievewright added that exceptional member service means empowering members to take action: “Credit unions will be judged by how well members can serve themselves, rather than how credit unions can serve them.”

Other speakers at the Tech Summit included:

  • John Ainsworth, President/CEO, Bonifii, moderated several panel discussions how credit unions can use technology to create a better member experience.
  • Ronny Chapman, SVP of Fintech Solutions, TruStage Ventures, recommended that credit unions adopt an e-commerce mindset and think of their websites as digital storefronts where members can discover the latest offers.
  • Kelly Fryer, Executive Director, FinTech Sandbox, discussed Fintech trends and how to innovate in a rapidly digitizing world.
  • CJ Klump, Senior Director, US Market Strategy & Digital Products, Visa, shared how to tailor the member experience to meet the expectations of Gen Z.
  • Nicholas Hinrichsen, CEO & Co-founder, Clutch, shared how advances in conversational AI are proving effective in key areas including ID verification, fraud detection and new account generation.
  • Charles Vice, Director, Financial Technology & Access, NCUA, discussed his department’s role in enhancing financial services, examination, supervision, and financial inclusion.
  • Patti Wubbels, SVP of Client Development, SRM, discussed optimizing the member experience by taking advantage of digital tools to build meaningful connections.

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