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The Daily Record Features Small Credit Unions & Their Big Impact

The Daily Record spoke with CEOs of small credit unions to find out what role the credit unions play in Maryland’s financial services ecosystem.

WSSC Federal Credit Union CEO Jeff Goff told the publication, “We know our members and are very attuned to their needs,”  He gave an example of the credit union helping WSSC employees pay upfront for work-related certifications to help boost their careers. 

First Eagle CEO Lois Profili shares that employees are trained to answer any question a member might have.“This allows us to take ownership and find a solution immediately.” 

Five Star of Maryland FCU CEO Jim Whipp points out that members have a say in their governance. “Our members can run for our board of directors, vote for the board of directors and have access to management as a shareholder. They are not just customers.”

Tony Launi, president of Capital Area Realtors Federal Credit Union, says members face fewer hassles. “When the average person thinks about calling their bank, they rarely speak to a person that truly knows them. Whereas when people bank with a smaller credit union, they get personalized attention.”

John Bratsakis, president and CEO of the MD|DC Credit Union Association, sums it up by stating that all credit unions, no matter their size, are focused on helping their members, “They were created to serve their communities, whether it’s an employer group or a faith-based community.” 

Read The Daily Record article here: Small Credit Unions Say They Can Thrive by Using the Personal Touch

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